The Pope must be cracking open a bottle of bubbly (and a couple of underage boys!) at this news!


So, nearly five hundred years since the last Catholic Queen – Mary I, aka Bloody Mary – of this fair nation was kicked to the kerb (or died, have it your way), it turns out that the head of the Catholic Church (as in ‘giving head’, as in ‘to underage children’, as in ‘this is the man who organised the cover-up and then tried to blame the gays infiltrating his squeaky clean church’) still has some influence here.

The day after he pronouncethed that the UK was going to hell in a handcart and that his church – or any other church, come to that – should not have to employ gays, not even to mop up after one of their human sacrifices, his word became law.

Harriet Harman, that person in charge of equality who we have a whole lot of time for, has decided that, what with his Whoryness the Pope coming to these shores (arm yourself with Wet Wipes), she would drop opposition to the religiouses who claim that they should not be subject to the laws of the land and have exemption from equality rules because of their firmly held beliefs. Not to be confused with ‘firmly held penises of underage boys’.

We are now officially searching for a gay company willing to advertise a job saying ‘No religious people need apply’, so we can see if this is a two-way street.

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3 comments to “The Pope must be cracking open a bottle of bubbly (and a couple of underage boys!) at this news!”

  1. Washington Sniper’s not up to much these days, is he? Can we get him to take down Pope Whoryness’s plane as it descends into Heathrow? There’s a biscuit in it for him…

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  2. I don’t think he has been able to firmly hold a penis, even his own little bishop in quite a while. The picture above looks like he does a little tremulous hold around the “holy host” as it goes in and out of his blessed mouth. Maybe he should take up flagilation like the last Pope. “Sorry I am late, was tied up at the Vatican.”

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  3. Well-written … I larfed & larfed!

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