Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, love an architectural digest.

Jenny from the block.

Like many a gay, enlightened ‘ro, undecided who dresses to the left and me mum, we’re fond of being surrounded by beautiful things. Indeed, it’s one of our great ambitions in life to own a shop selling just, you know, gorgeous things. There will be this, and that, and it will smell not unlike one of those ‘scent pods’ on the ground floor of Liberty which we’re dying to have a go of but won’t for fear of looking like a twat. Not that that’s ever put us off before.

Which brings us full circle to Jennifer Aniston not off-of Brad Pitt, for the love of fucking god. We have a lot of time for Jennifer Aniston. Not only is she dead nice, but we’ve cast her as the female lead in the moving picture screenplay we’re writing. It’s a tale of love, loss and gorgeous things, and is already a smash hit in our heads.

And this is said lovely lady on the front cover of Architectural Digest, in which she chit-chats and shows us around, Hello! style-y, her velly velly nice Bevery Hills homo.

Apparently, it was all about the 14 foot doors.

Isn’t it always… *pats hair, etc.*

So let’s look at Jennifer Aniston’s Beverly Hills homo…

‘Altogether now… “Who lives, in a house like this…?”‘

*puts hand up*

Nice gaff luv.


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3 comments to “Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh, love an architectural digest.”

  1. Not much garden, is there?.

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  2. Now I was thinking that. Unless the picture was taken from really, really, really far away. In which case the house is the size of Terminal 5. And the deck chairs are as big as a two-up, two-down.

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  3. Why’s she got all those coffins stacked on the roof? Ugh.

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