Dannii edges towards saturation point… Us? We’re just edging Kris.

Heart thee.

Easy? Too.

So, Dannii off-of two i’s. We have a lot of time for Dannii off-of two i’s. She’s the favourite piece in our Sylvanian Family set and has the thumb marks to prove it. We have even more time for Kris’s big strong arms. If not for his penchant for dressing like an Eastern European who’s just been introduced to synthetics… But we fear and we fret and we raise our arms in a slightly rankled fashion at the dolly news that she’s currently being filmed – with cameras and everything – for her own reality show. Some people would have preceded ‘reality show’ with ‘fly-on-the-wall’. We decided not to.

Some people will also draw comparisons with Katie Price. We haven’t. Not even for cash dollar.

The six-part ITV1 show is due to start in June. Which is freakin’ uncanny ’cause that’s when we’re supposed to be going to Mykonos.

Dannii Minogue – apparently she has a sister? – is being paid £200,000 for her trouble.

Which is freakin’ uncanny because, erm… trouble?

*looks left; looks right; looks left again*



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2 comments to “Dannii edges towards saturation point… Us? We’re just edging Kris.”

  1. On reflection, I shall watch this.

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  2. His arms deserve a TV series of their own. I think viewing figures would be reasonable based on a straw poll of the gays in the office.

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