If you need to bum us on Sunday, this is where we’ll be…

*sucks on a Love Heart*

So there was this woman on the bus this morning (242 if you’re wanting to stalk, 19 if you’re already stalking) and she was talking to someone on her mobile telephonic device. So far, so true.

‘Valentine’s?’ she exclaimed, shifting in her seat to prove her chagrin. ‘It’s just an excuse to sell fucking chocolate and cards!’

Well, we almost fell off our seat on the bus. 

*almost falls off seat on the bus*

After picking up our manly chins off-of the dirty bus floor, we got to thinking. Valentine’s… maybe it really is just a commercial opportunity for people to sell chocolate and cards? Moreover, people may actually be making money off-of the people who buy said chocolate and cards? Fucking chocolate and cards at that!

*looks at woman on bus; looks at reflection in bus window; looks at woman on bus; looks at reflection in bus window; sheds single tear*

Never ever have I ever felt so low, when you gonna take me out of this black hole had we heard the state of the nation put so eloquently. Our mission was clear… Henceforth and from now on, we need to get bummed. More.

Which brings us merrily to Lonely Hearts Club as presented by Woosh!, Sunday night’s delicious Valentine’s dinner-dance at Shoreditch House as commandeered by the delicious and nutritious Jodie Harsh and Jonny Woo. 

Yey plus yey plus yey some more.


ps. If anyone’s a bit wa? Cha? Ka?, we’re going to Woosh! on Sunday. Jeeze Louise Nurding… you need it in writing?

pps. You need to RSVP to get on t’list… contact@jodieharsh.com

ppps. You can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes.

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3 comments to “If you need to bum us on Sunday, this is where we’ll be…”

  1. In walked Love so Let’s Go Round Again and get Naked with our Arms Around the World with Jesus Louise Nurdling. Don’t be 2 Faced because All That Matters is that your Beautiful Inside. I gave my Undivided Love to the Light Of My Life, and now I’m Stuck In The Middle With You. – ETERNAL

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  2. Oh, S-L… that was simply lovely!

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  3. Funny story, well, not that funny but sort of funny. I once worked in a magazine office and someone was doing a phone interview with Louise. She phoned and said ‘Hello, it’s Louise’ and asked for the person doing the interview. Person answering the phone said, ‘Louise who?’ She said ‘Louise Nurding’ Person said, ‘Will he know who that is?’ So she said, ‘Louise who used to be in Eternal’. How we laughed!

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