Let’s all laugh at the mister-sister…

Step away from the crazy...

Lauren Harries, formerly off-of male now off-of nutter, has got her own reality show. Called ‘Lauren Harries: Working 9-5’, it will follow the crazy’s attempts to do five jobs in 40 hours. ‘Easy!’ says we/you/them/us. Oh but is it? For we/you/them/us are not talking about doing a Mary Magdalene down Carnaby Street loos (we popped down for a wet wee [wet, people!] prior to a smelling sesh in Liberty once. It was like a scene from Caligula. We couldn’t get our fans out quick enough…). Instead, Lauren Harries will be undertaking the sort of real life, salt of the earth jobs of your average he-she. Like cleaning changing room floors and being a radio disc jockey and, you know, like, stuff

Which, thinking about it, is all really just an excuse for us to watch this again.

‘Lauren Harries: Working 9-5’ begins on 1st March at 9pm on Sky’s Showcase TV. There’s a trailer after The Jump (TM). *Is chuffed*

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  1. I’m hooked already.

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