Saturation point? Now we’re drowning in Dannii…

Double i overload

Only *counts* two days ago we were Xanaxin’ over Dannii Minogue’s seemingly relentless trot (we’d use a speedier verb but the gal takes three steps to a normal sized one) towards saturation point – the point at which a much lovedethed famous goes from adored to Myleene Klass.

But a mere *counts* two days after it was announced that she off-of the two ii’s is taking part in her own reality show, news has reached us – via we’re not sure but we’re grateful all the same – that Dannii is the new face of Marks & Spencer. And in the name of investigative journalism, we called our mum who, like many a mum, revolves her life round Marks’s. Turns out mum’s got a little big for her fucking boots and refuses to comment on the matter.

Dannii is filming her first M&S advert in South Africa as we speak. Really, as we speak. Alongside Twiggy (old? Check), V V Brown (black? Check), Lisa Snowdown (touched George Clooney’s cock? Check) and Ana Beatriz Barros (real life model who we’ve never heard of? Check). No idea if Myleene Klass is still doing it. She’s probably too busy samurai swording the postman.  

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2 comments to “Saturation point? Now we’re drowning in Dannii…”

  1. Milk it while you can, love.

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  2. She looks a bit like Danni Minogue. But only a bit.

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