Hours of fun!

Off off off off off off off off!

Okay, so we got bored after 2 minutes 36 seconds. We know this because we timed it on that stopwatch thing on our iPhone. Which has a strangely hypnotic effect. We’re thinking of using it to time how long it takes us to watch Loose Women and back.

And back in the room, we have this nifty lil’ advertising gimmick from Wranger, makers of jean and jean-related wear, but not our Aunty Jean asfaraswe’reaware.

What you do is – and we hope you’re taking notes because this gets complicated – you go to their site, follow the instructions, get a bit of male nudity.

*is confused; puts hands on head*

It’s all very titillating. It really is. See where that little white-gloved hand is up there on the picture, in the style of a Michael Jackson? See it? Do you? That’d be your mouse icon thing, and you click on his zipper and undress him.

Now frankly they’ve missed a trick ’cause you can only undress the top half, not whip his cock out. But half of one is better than 50% of the other as they say, so swings and roundabouts and bumper cars.

Well that’s a little bit fancy.

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  1. Hey, that’s Tony Ward off-of Hustler White off-of bummed Madonna.

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