Did Ashley Cole send John Terry a sex text too?

'Oh, he's definitely a grower...'

(‘Sext’. *shudder*)

The back (bottom) story is that Ashely Cole’s been sending rude pictures of himself to not one, not two, not three women… but two women!

Cheryl Cole (nice of Ashley to take his wife’s name) is a bit miffed, apparently, and has moved into a ‘top London hotel’. As opposed to a greedy bottom one.

One of the pictures apparently shows Ashley in just his lily white briefs. You should see the one we got. But we’re not money grabbing whores so won’t be going to a red top near you anytime soon.  

But really, how dumb are these footballers?

Answer: Very and a lot.

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2 comments to “Did Ashley Cole send John Terry a sex text too?”

  1. I would like said lily white briefs picture, please.

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  2. When I decided to make some extra cash as a chat line operator, back in the gay, I had a regular caller, Who always wanted to role play and pretend I was Ashley Cole. Tis true. http://who-dear-me-dear.blogspot.com/2007/01/in-ashley-coles-boots.html

    TM x

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