Socks, anyone? Anyone… socks?

Off off off off off off off off!

Story: We were wearing red socks at the gymgaysium only recently. Last week, week before that, that sort of thing. We say we were wearing red socks at the gymgaysium… what really happened is that we were wearing our secret socks whilst lunging in front of the mirror (not as easy as it sounds) and post-shower (clean is not to be sniffed at) we were changing into a red paisley sock (nice, heh?) and Creepy Man Who Is Never Knowlingly Not In The Changing Rooms retorted, ‘Well that’s a very brave sock!’

*looks left; looks right; looks left again*

We have not worn said brave red paisley sock in the gymgaysium ever since. Not because we’re not brave, just because we don’t want to encourage him.

Gerard Butler, however, is a whole other kettle of socks. Which rhymes with cocks. Which isn’t to be sniffed at.

They’re Sport Relief socks in aid of Sport Relief and you can buy them. At Sport Relief shops, we assume.

Do you want to see Dame Shirley Bassey wearing the same socks on her hands? You won’t regret it. Not even for cash dollar. 

Our Shirl.


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3 comments to “Socks, anyone? Anyone… socks?”

  1. I like socks on a man.

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  2. I think same Creepy Man hangs around my gym. He doesn’t need a brightly coloured sock as encouragement.

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  3. red socks is one of those ‘sexual symbol’ things you know… red socks with a business suit = sexually available apparently. i’ve tried it, it works. :)

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