Are you a top bottom? Let us rephrase that…

Nice, curvy, colourful

Do you have an arse that you could bounce pennies off? A backside that could stand proud against the best in the business? Well then, American Apparel would like to hear from you.

The company that gave us cheap market stall wear which we somehow believed was cool because the packaging featured shots of people looking ever-so Shoreditch in a soft-porn kind of way *breathe* wants to see your bottom.

In conjunction with Butt, the magazine that gives you cheap magazine material that we somehow believed was cool because there were like cum shots in there (we were right, mind, it was – IS – cool), AA (no not Alcoholics Anonymous, silly. We’ve already lost enough friends to that disease, we’d hardly be promoting it), is looking for a good amateur bottom (aren’t we all?) to feature in its new campaigns.

What you have to do is click here and all your questions will be answered. Well, maybe not all of them.

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  1. Hard boiled eggs in a hanky…. yum…

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