I may not be a woman, but I’m all lady…

She says, 'Yes, I look a mess, but I don't love you any less...'

This is Johnny Weir. He is what is known in the business as ‘a twat’. The only reason we bring him to your attention is that he is ‘a twat’. In fact, we’d go so far as to remove those inverted commas. That’s how serious as a heart attack we are.

*ooooh, cock…*

He’s also a total fucking lady.

Sidebar: Do you like our play on Lisa Stansfield’s kitchen-sink ballad, ‘All Woman’? We bring that up ’cause we like her and we saw her snouting in Hampstead only the other day. True story.

Back to Lady Weir.

To the left of this picture, you can see him looking like a low rent Lady Gaga only without the charm or the hair or the courage. To the right you can see him looking like a a total lady. During the time lapse between left and right, Johnny Weir was threatened by animal rights activists for wearing real fur. Off the back of a dead animal. Who was tortured to death. Just so this cunt could look like a cunt.

Oh, he’s a figure skater. Figures.

‘I have no other argument than that I like fur,’ said Lady W. ‘I like fur products,’ he-she continued, in case we didn’t get it the first time.

Erm, some people also like kicking defenseless infants in the head until they bleed. Doesn’t make it okay, does it? O-kaaaay?

‘I like things that come from dead animals,’ the mister-sista continued. Some might say he was forcing the point.

‘We all wear leather skates made from cow. I’m an easy person to pick on because I’m very open, I like fur.’

No, you’re an easy person to pick on because you’re a retard.


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5 comments to “I may not be a woman, but I’m all lady…”

  1. If he walked down the OCS with that cunty look on his face, I’d slap him.
    Or at least tut.

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  2. I think I just saw him on the OCS. I slapped him.
    Ironic coz just three feet away the police had erected a ‘fight gay hate’ tent.
    I also saw Alastair Campbell.
    No slap.

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  3. It shows incredible ignorance in this day & age to equate leather with fur. Anyone who does that should serve one month on a “fur farm” — and see the whole cycle of misery. [I don’t wear leather either but it’s not quite as irredeemably bad as fur.]

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  4. No frock sense!!
    Bring back the men of skating……there are some out there, even if they are gay. They skate like men.

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  5. Exactly, Rich. How I tire of the stupid fur-wearing trouts of Shoreditch who, when I tell them they’re a cunt for wearing fur, they respond with, ‘Well you’re wearing a leather belt!’
    (The fact that’s it’s pleather is neither here nor there.)

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