A story with Sydney in the title

Odd job man.

Seeing as everyone (some) is (are) in Sydney right now, sugaring their ‘brows and bleaching their anals in preparation-ee for Mardi Gras, we thought we’d do a story with Sydney in the title.

Say what you like, but you can’t say we’re not kind. Or never knowingly not drunk. 

Our story with Sydney in the title centres around the Hottest Tradie NSW side-show, a Miss Beverly Hills 90210-type event only instead of cunts, we have the mens. And instead of faces that burn retinas, we have the mens. And instead of a something else, we have the mens.

Reading between the lines, tradesmen from New South Wales (of which Sydney is a part. See, not stupid!) in Australia compete to become Most Bummable Tradesman of the Year. Only this being Australia the tradesmen are called ‘Tradies’. Remembering of course the rising intonation.

The bloke we’ve used to illustrate these goings on is, we think, the bloke who won. We’re not too sure because the cacophony of rising intonations became so unbearable that we had to dash off and dial 999.

And we’re all for equal rights – unless we don’t like them – so there are women in this show. One, Brunette with Big Tits, is ‘so pumped’ at 0:13. Another, Blonde Bob, just ‘hopes they get it all off’ at 0:20. 

Our favourite is at 1:53. In case anyone’s taking notes.

We’d watch it if we were you. If only to see Brunette with Big Tits describing one man as having ‘abs that come up to here’. Then she points to her neck.

And in case the video i’nt working for you, there’s this.

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  1. 1.53 is my favourite too. I hope he’s taking notes.

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