Bisexual egomaniac? We want one!

It's a worry and a tradge.

Welcome to Cunty Headline of the Day, courtesy of the Daily Cunt.

Not only have they slipped a hyphen into egomaniac like the dirty scurrilous bastards they are, but they’ve also capitalised ‘did’. It’s a slippy sloppy slope.

But ’tis indeed a worry and a tradge that Zowie Bowie turned into someone as normal as Duncan Jones despite being the sow of *drum roll; record scratches to a halt in the Queen Vic* bisexuals. It’s a wonder he isn’t riddled with the Black Death.

But the question on everybody’s lips is… *whispers ‘Roxy’*… Our parents read the Daily Mail yet we turned into admirable gents who like an all-male spitroast of a weekday (weekends are a whole other kettle of ‘mo). They should sue!

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Bisexual egomaniac? We want one!, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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2 comments to “Bisexual egomaniac? We want one!”

  1. I love a bisexual. They’re so gay.

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  2. What bollocks. How very dare they? Dame David of Bowie has godlike status at Tone Towers. Would they have prefered Duncan to have turned out more like the heinous celeb spawn of The Geldofs? I’m just amazed he managed to remain untainted by mad old Angie!

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