This old thing? I only wear it when I don’t care HOW I look.

We've got the same pair! In extra large!

This is Lady GaGa poppin’ in for din-din-de-dins at the Mandarin Oriental in Big London last night. Which is nice but that junction round Harvey Nics and Sloane Street is an absolute fucking bugger. The minutes/hours/days we’ve spent sitting on the No.19 staring at the Candy brothers’ new block of retarded real estate (to Lady G’s left. And not the shaven headed fellow-me-lad who can normally be found sipping lager-tops down Comptons, drawing the name of his sweetheart on an Etch A Sketch) currently selling for £7.2million per square foot and thinking, ‘What cunt of a cunt would pay that for that?’ whilst concluding that if a gentleman caller were to offer to buy us a chunk-with-park-view, it’d be rude to say no.

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2 comments to “This old thing? I only wear it when I don’t care HOW I look.”

  1. How I wish I was on the next table. By which I mean her table.

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  2. What is she wearing now…? One of her exotic fantasies
    (lol marie antoinette movie quotes)

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