Can we j’adore Daniel Radcliffe any more? Je just don’t know!

Our hero.

Daniel Radcliffe and his ‘brows love the gays. Why wouldn’t they?

They’ve even gone so far as to star in a new campaign for the Trevor Project, a foundation that provides support for LGBT people at risk of suicide, due to air this spring.

But before spring *looks out of window; sun is shining, cat’s tongue isn’t frozen to window, thinks spring might have sprungeth; gets distracted by male man in flat opposite doing the washing up in only his pants*, you can stop-look-listen to Daniel talking about his love for the gays. Including lesbians who are apparently gay also.

And even before that, you can read a snippette of what Daniel Radcliffe off-of gay love has to say on the matter. It’ll make you weep tears of sheer white wee.

‘I grew up knowing a lot of gay men, and it was never something that I even thought twice about – that some men were gay and some weren’t. And then I went to school and for the first time, I came across homophobia. I had never encountered it before. It shocked me.

‘I have always hated anybody who is not tolerant of gay men or lesbians or bisexuals. Now I am in the very fortunate position where I can actually help or do something about it.’


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