One potato, two potato, three potato, four; five potato, six potato, seven potato more… Oh, and the Vatican’s full of homos.

One at a time, ladies, please!

Gay homos? The Vatican’s fit to bumming with them. And one of them – Angelo Balducci – is a dirty little gay fucker to boot.

Angelo Balducci – who’s a bit of silver fox, it must be said. If you like your silver foxes dirty and your dirty up the cardinal – has caused quite the stir in the Pope’s Big House. Let’s call it Angelo-gate. And let’s explain.

Angelo Balducci is a papal gentleman-in-waiting (bet he is!). He’s also a Gentleman of His Holiness (bet he is!) He’s also a senior advisor to the Congregation for the Evangelisation of the Peoples (course he fucking is!). Part of his job description is to ‘distinguish themselves for the good of souls and the glory of the name of the Lord’. Burning the candle at both ends, that one…

Angelo Balducci has also been using male prostitutes for big, bad, dirrrrrrrrrty gay sex.


How do we know this? Those nice Italian police tapped his phone.


Why dey do dis?

Because Angelo Balducci – in between doing the Lord’s work and self-flaggelating until his anus slips out – is also a senior Italian government official. (They really must sort that out.) And he is alleged to have been steering public work contracts towards favoured bidders. Which is called corruption. And for which he was arrested a few weeks ago. The Lord must be so proud.

And it is during this investigation into said alleged corruption that the Italian police decided to tap his phone. And what did they find? Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, this one’s a cracker. A cracker jacker.

Answer: A whole bunch of conversations between Angelo Balducci and a chorister, in which the chorister was tasked with procuring rent boys for Angelo.

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Angelo Balducci is indeed married with children.

Ehiem, the chorister in question and whose name sounds like ‘Ahem’, has been sacked. Angelo – the bummer who was bumming the male prostitutes and whose name sounds like J-Lo and the real cunt in all of this – hasn’t.

Transcripts of the conversations are rather juicy Lucy… Looks like Ehiem procured at least ten gennelmen of the night for Angelo, including ‘two black Cuban lads’, a former male model from Naples, and a rugby player from Rome. One is described as ‘two metres tall, 97 kilos, aged 33, completely active.’

Well when you put it like that…

And where did this same-sex-oriented love-making take place? ‘Up the seminary.’

It’s true. It’s in quotes and everything.

Some shit, as they say, just writes itself…

Oh, and if you need a picture of Angelo Balducci – so you can block him on Grindr – here’s one…

Aren't you well turned out?
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3 comments to “One potato, two potato, three potato, four; five potato, six potato, seven potato more… Oh, and the Vatican’s full of homos.”

  1. I cherish stories such as this.

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  2. It’s so not surprising I can’t even be bothered to be surprised. I blame the gays.

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  3. How many more dirty little secrets have to be exposed before people see all this for what it is? The greatest charade on Earth! The Vatican really is just the perverted Disneyland in the fairytale of a dangerous global cult, isn’t it?

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