Attitude. Or, Attitde.


You know where the name Christian comes from, right? Christ and Ian bummed about *frantically presses buttons on calculator* a few years ago and had a child-ette, Christian. He was a precocious young thing, always dressing to the left.

And we know what it took with the last straight person we sexually rummaged… cock.

And Adam Lambert and Ewan McGregor. Yes.

And gay life begins at 30? Thank fuck we waited.

And we have several pieces in this here Attitudenoid magazine. Guess which ones and we’ll give you a stick of rock. And also a stick of rock.


ps. You just know they wanted to put ‘EastEnders’ Bender…’

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  1. So “older” is now defined as 30? Well, speaking as a relic of the Pleistocene, I find that rather alarming.

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