Drop the moose, Eli, and move away very… slowly…

*Hands over Wetwipe*

If there’s a cuntier face in the whole wide world we’d like to see it.

Second: According to this picture, taken at the Vanity Fair party at this year’s Oscars, Peaches Geldof is doing something unimaginable with Eli Roth, director of Hostel.

Fourth of all, what the fuck is/are Vanity Fair doing inviting that cunt? In the style of a baromoter in Sunday Time’s Style – which is about as in tune with its readers as ES Magazine – the Vanity Fair party is down the bottom alongside corky wedges, Geldofs, Holly Willoughby’s fat boring tits and tattoos on dirty lumpen trouts.

‘@eliroth shouted “word” into a microphone p.diddy thrust in his face whilst jumping on a couch. S*** just got real,’ Peaches Geldof Twatted on her Twitter.

‘S*** just got real’?

*loads gun; fires; (very loud) thud*

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3 comments to “Drop the moose, Eli, and move away very… slowly…”

  1. Yeh, he is probably totally crazy to invite her!

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  2. Maybe she could appear in one of his films and the stunt man could have an accident and somehow, miracle of miracles she falls into the meat grinder and comes out as sausage meat.

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  3. She already looks like sausage meat so how would we ever know?

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