What is it about scouse mothers of nicked kiddies that rubs us up the wrong way?


Yes, it’s very sad and we can never imagine the pain and all those other sentences people are supposed to say before they are allowed to comment on people like Denise Fergus/Bulger… but are these people so bereaved that no one can talk some sense into them?

Basically: to name (and shame, though we would have thought the shaming bit had taken care of itself) John Venables would be to pronounce a death sentence on him. He would be killed. Probably horribly. Now, unless we are going to re-introduce the death penalty for children of 9 (even the Taliban probably fall short of that), then he must be kept anonymous. End of story. And no, you do not have any say in it. No matter how sad you are.

One man is already being terrorised because someone thinks he might be Venables, so can you imagine if the real one was revealed?

Secondly, what is this about Kate McCann getting a Mother’s Day radio show with Aled Jones on Her Majesty’s BBC Radio 2? It really does take the crunch biscuit. It’s like the long-running musical Chicago come to life: neglect your child, become a global phenomenon, celebrated on Mother’s Day.

And as for all that ‘we and God know the truth’ bollocks… why doesn’t he, sorry He, tell you where she is if He’s so fricking clever? 

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  1. There ought to be a union for bereaved mums (we’re assuming Maddy is dead, right?) who go on to make a career out of it. There’s that Sarah one as well, who has her own cushion on the GMTV sofa.

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