Ash. Ton. Kut. Cher.


Four syllables? Had an urge.

This is Ashton Kutcher in his scanties. Filming a film or something. Seeing as it’s markedly unlikely we’ll ever go see this film, seeing as Ashton Kutcher is box office poison for us, we shan’t bother researching the name of the film.¬†

We will, however, do this:

*breathes heavily on window; draws cock, balls and cup of steaming hot cocoa with finger*

If you have a continued interest in any form of male nudity (we know. Shocking) jump The Jump (TM) for the reverse version of this picture, which is currently featuring a flash o’ Ashton crack. Can’t promise it’ll be there forever.

Stop showing off.
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2 comments to “Ash. Ton. Kut. Cher.”

  1. Move on, Ash…

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  2. crack! where? i see nothing but a dumbass falling

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