Stop us if you’ve heard this one…

Use Vanish in your wash and make that wash more expensive than actually buying new clothes

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love David Gandy as much as the next red-blooded (where that blood is in fact 45% alcohol) homosexualist – he wouldn’t be our third favourite boyfriend if we didn’t! – but even we are getting a little tired and emotional at his constant parading around in lily white underscants.

In this latest shoot from *tries to check, can’t immediately find it, gives up* let’s just call it somewhere, we can actually imagine the editorial meeting: ‘It’s all about white and his brown skin, white and brown, brown and white. Oh, and texture. Have we got something maybe, you know, knitted. Then you’ve got contrast, you see. Not only white and brown but, you know, smooth and textured…’ This meeting goes on long into the night with three different take-aways being sent out for and someone suggesting they get Herb Ritts to do it. Only Herb Ritts is dead so his price has gone through the roof…

Anyway. Let’s leave those ladies to it and peruse the fruits of their labour. Fruits *giggles*

O’er the jump…
So brown! Mmm, texture

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