No, it’s Alex you’re getting married to this time, Jordan *member of crew checks clipboard and concurs*


She’s a big old, silly old scrubber, that Jordan. Appearing on yesterday’s riveting edition of This Morning with Philip and Fat Tits Willoughby, she talked about renewing her vows this summer (because there are never enough weddings in these fools’ lives) but started talking about her and Pete when the new one is apparently called *checks the papers to make sure it’s still on* Alex.

And while we always had time for Jordan, back before she was Katie Price, when she was a simple shagger looking to get her tits out for paying punters nationwide, she has unfortunately gone down in our estimations following the ludicrous scene where she forbade Alex Reid from getting his bum out for Attitude. Because she would never do anything like that. No siree.

And stop wearing fur, you cunt!

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  1. Champagne for Lulu says:

    Katie Price is a cunt. And not a good cunt, either. A vile, disgusting, nasty, dirty rat cunt of a cunt.
    It’s must be nice being one of the most hated women in the country.

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  2. A Nolan Sister says:

    She’s also orange, which is never clever.

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