Tracylove is back! Kicking off at her nan’s funeral! That’s our girl.

Get out of my pub!

Last time we saw her, she was being sent down to many years of listening to her tapes at Her Majesty’s Pleasure (we actually love the idea of Her Majesty getting pleasure out of people being in prison: do you think she sits there with a box of Milk Tray stroking pictures of convicts and going to the nearest Lady in Waiting, ‘Tell me again what this one was sent down for’?).

The reason for the extending audio tape session? Tracy Barlow, nee Tracylove, had been found guilty as hell of knocking Charlie around the head with a very tasteful ornament until such a time as he was dead. Which was a shame as we kind of liked the cut of his jib (by which mean, the shape of his penis in his jeans).

Now she’s back at Blanche’s funeral (we’re not even going to think about it: we will cry tears of real water if we do) and having a go at Becky because she’s been looking after that small child with long black hair who can’t act. Name escapes us.

Personally, we can’t wait for the Gail/Tracylove confrontation in clink.

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  1. Love Tracylove. I’m frothing with delight that she’s back.

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