Lourdes is going to play the Queen in Madonna’s new movie!

Get off me, dad!

Well, maybe we’re getting a teensy bit ahead of ourselves here, but it seems that Lourdes off-of Madonna and Carlos Leon (pictured here, who apparently used to be an aerobics instructor to Andreas, the lead singer of Alcazar, who told us he was hot and lovely and everyone loved being in his class) is to appear in a smallish part in the Edward VIII/Wallis Simpson movie.

Well, the way we’re thinking is, most of the drama takes place in the late 30s, the Queen was born in 1926… and the Queen has brown hair. Put it together and what have you got? Lourdes is going to play the Queen. Well, it’s more research than most of the newspapers are likely to put into it.

Oh, exclusive, by the way. Well, the Queen bit.

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  1. Oh, sure … her Latin & Italian face is a doppelgänger for the Queen’s!

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