‘No, I’m sorry that wasn’t a very good answer.’ Well, you said it, Dave.

Smug much?

Just when you thought it was OK to vote Conservative again because even though you are gay, you are from Middle England, enjoy the Daily Cunt, wear chinos and think that under a Conservative government you might save 7p a week on National Insurance, can we remind you what a useless twat Mr. David Cameron is.

In this interview with Gay Times (or GT as we prefer to call it, not wishing to have the word ‘gay’ on the cover of a magazine in our house in case our mum should come round, pick it up thinking it’s Take A Break and she wants to catch up on top household tips like if you put the bottom of your kitchen curtains in plastic bags then they won’t get wet from the sink during washing up), cunningly filmed for the GT (it’ll always mean gintonica to us) website, we see Dave getting himself into a pickle over those pesky gay rights. Or G rights as we’ve rebranded them, so as not to scare our mum.

The bottom line is he apparently agrees that your gayness (G-ness) is a human right, but allows his Euro MPs to vote whicheverwhich way they like in European elections on G rights, now that they’re all cosy in bed with some very nasty homophobic Poles. Or does he? Can we turn the cameras off so he can concentrate for a moment? It’s all getting on top of him. And he can’t think straight with so many gays in the room.

And he couldn’t quite get his own story straight in the Attitude interview either: apparently, adoption rights for gays (which he voted against, by the way) are absolutely top hole. As long as every last straight crack-pipe-toting couple has been checked first. Because ‘mum and dad is best’. But then you knew that.
So, in a nutshell, do not be fooled by this fool come voting day. See the cock-up over the jump… PS Doesn’t he have sort of sausage coloured skin?

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3 comments to “‘No, I’m sorry that wasn’t a very good answer.’ Well, you said it, Dave.”

  1. He is a cunt, ain’t no doubt. If he gets in I shall consider emigration. Consider, not necessarily do.

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  2. gay tories. does not compute.

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  3. I know a couple of gay Tories! One is asexual. The other one is a sauna-trolling, cock-juggling, rectal vortex. But I digress …

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