Meet Chip and Daz, two otters deep in love

Otter love

We don’t know who’s top and who’s bottom (we’re just talking about the picture: get your mind out of the sewer and into the gutter where it belongs), but this is Chip and Daz who have been inseparable for 15 years, which is longer than most otters even live.

They clasped each other tight through the death of Princess Diana, looked on in horror at 9/11, wept tears of pure emotion when Ricky Martin finally came out. 

And so close were they, that when one of them died of a heart attack last week (maybe it was a Ricky-related cardiac arrest, who can say with any real certainty), the other died just an hour later.

If only our boyfriends would promise to die an hour after us instead of threatening to sell our extensive Lladro collections on eBay the minute the last breath had rattled from our throats!

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2 comments to “Meet Chip and Daz, two otters deep in love”

  1. Could this story be more j’adorable?

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  2. Awww, bless them.

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