‘Peas and carrots, peas and carrots’

'Because you've got to have friends...!' etc.

Victoria ‘I’m a serious fashion designer’ Beckham and Eva ‘I’m best friends with that serious fashion designer, yonder’ Longoria have teamed up to flog some mobile or other. Transatlan’ic translation: ‘some cell or other’.

The ad’s shite, for a starter. For pudding, Victoria and Eva are chatting to each other, but we don’t get to hear what they’re saying. It’s all very ooh and aah. Presumably, if one buys the mobile, you’ll be let into the secret.

But in the grand tradition of background artists, all they’re really saying is ‘peas and carrots, peas and carrots’. It’s all very thrilling/shite. See…!

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  1. Someone got paid a lot of money to do that. And I’m not just talking Posh ‘n’ little Eva.

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