If these kids get any younger, Madonna is going to find herself on the official Sex Offenders’ Register

Put him down!

Don’t worry, kids, she’s not traded Jesus in for an even younger model. And she’s not MILFing all over Lola’s gentlemen callers. It’s the new D&G ad that sees Madonna looking like the saucy godmother character at an Itialian Christening. You know, the kind that noshes off her young teenage nephews in the vestry, if she can get a look in with all those priests buzzing around the young and nubile like moths round a flamer.

Speaking of which, very funny the Glee Madonna episode which is aired next week. Saw it last night and it has all the Glee club girls trying to go out with seven-year-old boys just to emulate Madonna and the lezzy coach woman nominating kids to be sent to New York and shoved in a taxi with just $35, because that’s what Mads did.

S’funny. And we particularly liked the performance of ‘Borderline’.

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