Joanie, we love you, but get off the high horse, love. Before you fall.


So sophist

finds this…

Watch yourself


Yes, indeed, Joanie ‘J.C. Jesus Christ’ Collins has taken up quill in The Daily Cunt to say that she thinks the idea of an ex porn star being allowed to perform on Britain’s Got Talent is vulgar and boring.

‘The truth is that most of today’s TV is coarse, repellent, amateurish and puerile,’ says the star of The Stud, The Bitch and Dynasty, three dramas second only to Samuel Beckett in terms of intricacy, character development and middle-aged knockers.

We are big fans of your ‘work’ Joanie (and by that, we mean mostly the plastic surgery) and no one orders a chocolate covered croissant quite like yourself, but before you start to think you are a minor member of the royal family, let’s just spend a moment to consider that you have never been in anything that was really any good.

Like not ever.

As in never.

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3 comments to “Joanie, we love you, but get off the high horse, love. Before you fall.”

  1. She’s turning in into Raquel Welch who’s all ‘Girls in the media today are such slappers’ ummmm hello?

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  2. Maybe she’s suffereing from Alzheimers and has forgotten that her legacy is one of utter shite

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  3. Oh THE STUD with the fabulous topless trapeze scene – Miss Joan was robbed of an Oscar for this film. Now if they had chocolate croissants in the movie she might have walked away with the award.

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