Doctor Who is a gay!


Or, now that we’ve got your attention, the actor who plays Doctor Who will also be playing gay Single Man/Cabaret writer Christopher Isherwood in a new film on Her Majesty’s Glorious BBC, if it’s not immediately broken up by the Tories should they get in next week, that is.

It’s a docu-dramarama, it’s called Christopher and His Kind, after Missy Issyvoo’s own autobiography and it follows the English writer of The Berlin Stories, which became Cabaret once a bowler hat and a backwards facing chair had been located, as he relocates to Berlin back in the whorey glory days of the Weimar Republic where green nail varnish was worn openly and gentlemen bummed other gentlemen without fear of reprisals.

Also in the BBC’s jewel box of sparkling goodies is Victoria Wood, who dresses like a lesbian, taking the part of Eric Morecombe’s mother in a docu-drama about the ultimate comedy double act (if you don’t count French and Saunders or Wood and Waters or Julian and Sandy or Sooty and Sweep) Morecombe and Wise. But didn’t VW announce her retirement from front-of-cameraness? 

There is also a major new drama series based on the cheeeenius novel The Crimson Petal and the White, based among the saucy prozzies of Victorian London.

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2 comments to “Doctor Who is a gay!”

  1. Didyoureallylikethatbook?IwaskindofrelievedwhenIgottotheend.

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  2. Crimson Petal? I loved it. OK, there was a moment in a lavender field when I was a bit ‘get on with it’ but I loved her sluicing herself out with vinegar after a client and the whole brothel thing…

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