OK, we’re officially back in love…

Dirty pussycat!

‘How do I look up the back?’ goes Debbie Reynolds at the opening night of her London run, Alive and Fabulous (‘Well, I’m alive. You’ll have to decide whether I’m fabulous’).

‘Great!’ shout the paupers up in the balcony who can’t afford proper seats downstairs because they spend all their money on Embassy Regals and scratch-cards. ‘Good,’ goes Ms. Reynolds, ‘because to these people down here I look like Lady Gaga!’

That was apropos of absolutely nothing at all because this is all about Christina Dirty Aguilera being backer than a very back thing.

Her new video is premiered on Friday but there is the sneakiest of sneaky peeks over the jump. Looking good, bitch!

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2 comments to “OK, we’re officially back in love…”

  1. OMBJ! i cant f’ing wait looks so HOT! but unlike you mememe ive always been in love

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  2. SHE’S A *WHORE* !!! :-o Debbie Reynolds, I mean … (-:

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