This saucy little minx hasn’t eaten or drank for 70 years

You lie on it.

He is Prahlad Jani and he survives on ‘spiritual life force’. Course he does.

Prahlad – Praline to his friends – claims to have left home at the age of seven (precocious, much?) and lived as a wandering holy man in Rajasthan. They’re never from Leicester, are they?

He believes he is sustained by a goddess who pours an elixir through a hole in his palate. Keep taking the medication, love.

Any and a whore, India’s Defence Research Development Organisation are currently holding him up in a hospital (we’ve seen Casualty. We know what goes on!) in Ahmedabad and observing him (where’s our invite?), because they believe he may have a genuine thing going on (insanity?), which may save lives (something in brackets).

‘If his claims are verified, it will be a breakthrough for medical science,’ said Dr G Ilavazhagan, director or the Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Sciences. Try saying that when you’ve drank your own weight in delicious lemon drops.

And if they find Marks and Spencer’s Percy Pigs can fly, it too will be a breakthrough. For pigs if no one else.

Oh but Prahlad, honey, that red - makes your eyes POP!

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  1. Tom Cruising says:

    I, too, am sustained by elixir. But it goes through my mouth and is tasty delicious.

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  2. Nell Gwynn says:

    Oh, Tom… we all know where you really receive your elixir…..

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  3. Bi-curious says:

    Red really must be his star colour. He’s even draped it over his hospital pillow.

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  4. Cliff Richards says:

    I have that bed.

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  5. Joe E. Deacon says:

    That headline made me choke on my kettle chip

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