Look at Gerard Butler’s lovely Coriolanus!

The Coriolanus on that!

Gerard ‘Gerry’ Butler proves that more than just arms (two), he has a Coriolanus that you can put side by side with any other Coriolanus in the business.

His Coriolanus is second to none. It’s a world-beating Coriolanus. A Coriolanus to make grown men weep.

*work experience enters wearing doublet and hose – well, it’s dress down Friday – and informs that Coriolanus is in fact a play. By one Mr. Shakespeare. And this is a film of the play by Mr. Shakespeare directed by Ralph Fiennes*

So, Gerry. Let your Coriolanus take a bow. We love it. Can’t get enough of it. Stand up and salute it. Find it good enough to eat.

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2 comments to “Look at Gerard Butler’s lovely Coriolanus!”

  1. Well isn’t your work experience a fancy pants, for sure.

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  2. He can cozy up my anus any ole time.

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