You thought Sally Webster off-of Corrie was upstairs playing her tapes. But she really did have the cancer!

Aw, fluffy

While her husband is busy tampering with the brakes of the doughnut next door that he knocked up and her daughter is going all Lezzie Borden on our arses, Sally Webster, said to be off recovering from cancer, has been off… recovering. Guess what from! Cancer!

Apparently, because her character Sally Webster got cancer in the popular tea-time drama Coronation Street, Sally Whittaker, who plays Sally Webster, decided to give herself a breast exam. And found a lump. Yes, cancer.

She’s alright now though and looks lovely with her fluffy hair.

Corro fans, watch out for a special Farewell to Blanche show on ITV1 next Monday at 8 of the pm.

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