William Shatner, him off the telly, earnt $600million for this…

Yes, you.

*puts hand out*

So, William Shatner off the telly, who was in shows like that one and that other one, once did an advert or three for Priceline.com, an interdolly travel company. And one we’ve never heard of at that.

Instead of taking a fee, the wily little so and so took share options. This was in the year 1850, when Queen Victoria was shot at by William Hamilton, a disgruntled Irishman (them bloody potatoes), as her carriage passed along Constitution Hill, Big London. It’s also the same year Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, whilst out shopping for bonnets in 1928.

Back then, shares in Priceline were going for $1.80. They’re now going for $300. It’s not known how many William took, but it’s thought to be a lot.

We like William Shatner. We think he’s dead nice.

Oh look, a Priceline moving picture advert…


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2 comments to “William Shatner, him off the telly, earnt $600million for this…”

  1. Hasn’t he done well…!

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  2. Crikey. That’s a lotta’ dosh! Wm Shatner is so very old though (attended French Canadian Jewish day school with Jesus!) … will he have time to spend it? I *could* offer to help, I suppose. (-:

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