The key words for this story are: ‘Stephen Baldwin’, ‘nudity’, ‘Cosmo’, ‘testicles’, ‘dirty Christian’, ‘hats’, ‘gloves’ and ‘shoes’.

What would the baby Jesus say?

Cosmopolitan magazine *waves* have done another of their naked centrefold specials to raise money for Everyman, the testicular cancer charity.

For which we think they should drop trou’ and take a bow.

Stephen Baldwin off-of Alec Baldwin took part. Shame he’s a mad Christian. Is there any other kind?

In fact, we find this a timely opportunity to remind ourselves what Stephen Baldwin off-of who cares, really? thinks apropos les gays. Which is French for bum-chums, not a gay-lesbian hybrid. Nothing against lesbians, naturally. LOVE lesbians. Just not the ones who sleep with women.

‘I don’t think that gay marriage is in line with God’s word, which is found in the Bible. So, what I think doesn’t matter; what I believe is what’s in the Bible and the Bible says that gay marriage is not acceptable.’

So pretty, yet so retarded.

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