If someone has been taking our best boyfriend to gay bars, there’ll be hell to pay!

You dirty, two-timing... Grrrrr

Here is our very favourite boyfriend Daniel ‘Wendy’ Craig, currently unemployed now they’ve put James Bond on ice and lazing around our apartment, smoking Embassy Regals, drinking Diamond White and watching Jeremy Kyle.

Then, while we’re out trying to put some meat on the table (and earn money for doing it!), we get the news that Danny has been out with someone who we’ll just refer to as a ‘male friend’ at Roosterfish bar, a known hang-out for gays and other degenerates.

Not only by also… he was seen singing along to all gay covers band G80. We await, rolling pin in hand as we speak. No, real rolling pin in hand. Made of wood. Real wood. As in ‘wood off-of a tree’.

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