Jonathan Harvey, writer of Canary (this is the poster!), Beautifuls Thing and People, Gimme Gimme Gimme and the gay bits in Corrie mops up your last impertinent questions

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Before we kick off, tickets for JH’s new play, Canary, are avail here. And now, with the terribly vulgar business of trade out of the way, back to Jonathan answering your questions…

It’s been many a year since I’ve entered a house and not gone ‘No net curtains? Dead common.’ Do you find this flattering or do you think ‘Bitch stole my joke’? Buffalowilliam
Are you sure that’s my line? I have no recollection of writing it. How embarrassing! What’s it from?

Kylie or Madonna? Or do you just find that question cliche, and insulting? Cindy Crawford’s Mole
Su Pollard wipes the floor with both.

Are you still a Eurovish freak? Peseta
I prefer ‘aficionado’ to ‘freak’.

If you could write for any actress/actor, who would that/they be? Walker Inc.
I would love to work with Julie Walters.

Who is your favourite character on corrie to write for. Now that Blanche is gone, that is. :0( Dolly
I love them all. Though Mad Mary is a constant delight.

In your fantabulous career you’ve created at least three iconic gay men: Ste/Jamie, Tom and more recently lovely wee Simon. What has been the biggest change in attitudes towards gay men that you’ve noticed as the UK has moved from Beautiful Thing to Gimme, Gimme, Gimme and now on to Beautiful People? Sean
Talking with the young gay cast of my play Canary, it seems young gay people today don’t feel as marginalised as my generation, and that’s fantastic.

In the Mama Cass Bio by her daughter she mentions a dinner attended by her mother, Richard and Karen Carpenter. Richard and Cass then drag raced in his Ferrari. Imagine Mama Cass marrying Richard and then forming a trio with Miss Karen. Please write the movie. Sylvia Louise
Your wish is my command.

Will OCTAVIA ever be broadcast? What exactly is the hold-up? Richard the Big Bunny
I have no idea. I’m not sure ITV know what to do with it. Big camp one-off silly comedy… think they’re a bit scared of it.

Coronation Street is so much better than EastEnders, isn’t it? Lourdes
Without a shadow of a doubt. Though I thought their live episode was fab. And the gay storyline. And Carol Jackson’s back… And… no, Corrie is much better.

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