Their loss is our gain. That’s right, isn’t it?

High five? Don't think so.

Michael Barrymore has stopped bumming the mens – or stopped not bumming the mens, as the case may be – to go all ‘ro on our asses. Or not, as the case may be.

Michael Barrymore off-of ‘Disgraced Michael Barrymore’ is, according to Source (and we all know where that mister-sister’s been!), dating a woman. A female one at that. With ‘blonde’ hair.

Narrows it down.

Michael revealed the news while filming a forthcoming episode of Come Dine With Me, featuring ex-gameshow hosts. Horse? Flog it.

During the show – which will be on the telly at, we’re guessing, some point – he tells fellow contestant Anthea Redfern that he is planning a ‘going back in’ party. You know, the opposite of coming out. Are we supposed to interpret that as, he’s still gay but he’s going back into the closet? That ubiquitous transparent one?

This episodic of Come Dine With Me is on the tellybox this Monday, 9pm. We may watch it, we may not. We may at this point do a cartwheel for light relief, we may not.

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