This is a story about Sex and the City. You’re welcome.

Say it isn't so!

First of all, we’re wearing white jeans. How very Liz Hurley.


So, naturally, the whole world is frothing at the fanny about the new SATC filmic. Those that aren’t are writing lame features for the Daily Mail saying they’ve lost their partners/spouses/pants in the wash to the disease, uttering phrases like, ‘Shoes and sex? I just don’t get it’ and ‘Three delicious Lemon Drops, please’ whilst tracing a tear that falls down their left cheek, and bumming. 

But, and also butt… are you sitting comfortably and slightly to the left? Then we’ll be begin… In Sex and the City 2, Carrie – you know, the self-obsessed one who’s a bit of a cunt – has stopped working on a Mac, and instead will be seen working on a Hewlett-Packard.

*starts shaking; froths, and not in a good way; eyes roll backwards; presses record on iPhone in order to revisit this moment at a later date*

Oh, wait, before that one, this one:

*looks at MacBook, looks at self in mirror; looks at MacBook, looks at self mirror; looks at MacBook, looks at self in mirror; puts MacBook in bin* 

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  1. HP? Shirley schome mishtake…

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