You can take the Essex out of the boy… but you can’t take the chav

Now you be a good gay

Here is one Brooklyn Beckham with his mum, one Posh Spice, at what we’ll just call a ‘do’. Eva Longoria was also there so you know it was star-studded.

We’d just like to draw attention to BB’s baby-chav outfit. What looks to the world like an acrylic cardie (though no doubt it cost £7,000 from MJ for BabyGays or somesuch – you know how the likes of Victoria like to spend ridiculous amounts on their kids’ clothes, which is a nice lesson for the kids) and a baby pink button-down shirt.

This outfit – you’re missing some nice baggy jeans and trainers on the bottom – can be seen right this very minute as Wednesday is market day on Romford Market on any number of fella-me-lads, ne’er-do-wells and scallywags. And no, not that kind of WAG, though we do love that we just invented a whole new word for them…

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2 comments to “You can take the Essex out of the boy… but you can’t take the chav”

  1. Ronan comb-over already!

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  2. I used to wear that exact same outfit in 1985. My parents weren’t multi-squillionaires though.

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