It’s ‘im, that Brad Goreski. Off-of Rachel Zoe.

Oh hello.

Ever since we sat on an undisclosed bed in London’s glittering South Kensington of a Sunday afternoon-cum-evensong and watched The Rachel Zoe Project on a loop whilst nibbling on cheese snacks and sporadically crossing our legs in a Cupid Stunt fashion, we’ve had a bit of a thing for Brad Goreski. You know, ‘im off-of Rachel Zoe, and her project. He assists, which means nothing to us.

He and Rachel Zoe recently did a photoshoot (say ‘Thurrrrsday‘) with Terry Richardson who may not be lady but he’s got a nice cock, and these are the results. Et voila etcetera.

In conclusion, Brad Goreski is one of those gentleman callers who looks better with his clothes off. Though the boy does know how to dress. Even though he should really take them off. Immediately. No questions asked. And if we make out, so be it.


Via here.



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3 comments to “It’s ‘im, that Brad Goreski. Off-of Rachel Zoe.”

  1. He’s a cutie and I love the way he dresses and I love anyone with 24hr a day access to the Zoe but OH MY GOD his forehead wrinkles are TERRIFYING.

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  2. I’d do Terry Richardson. I have a nerd fetish.

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  3. I find myself attracted to this.

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