Listen, I was drunk, alright?

Honey, been there

We’ve all been there. A couple of extra glasses of complimentary Shiraz over the odds, next thing you know you’re selling access to senior members of the royal family. Could happen to anyone.

It’s a rite of passage. Like throwing up in your handbag in the back of a taxi, snogging the father of someone you’re at University with having got him even drunker than you, winding up in bed with seven men one of whom is going through your wallet as you open your eyes…

And so it can surely be no surprise that Princess Ferguson, nee Duchess of York, found herself speaking to the surely by now famous fake Sheik, who had money – literally! – on the table about introducing him to Prince Andrew (well, it’s how we were first introduced to Daniel Craig, and look how that turned out!)

‘I haven’t faced the devil in the face because I was in the gutter at that moment,’ says Princess Ferguson of the tape, having been tipped off that it was shot from a very unflattering angle. Honey, we’ve been in that gutter. We were almost in that gutter on Friday night after Jodie Harsh’s hot new night down Bungalow 8 in fact.

The Princess that is Ferguson appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s famous Oprah show to explain that it was just a shandy-booze-related incident. We’re on tomorrow.

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  1. I love that someone would take a half million pound meeting while under the influence!

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