Pictoral evidence that the people running GMTV are retardenoids

Don't go, Penny!

This, loyal viewers, is one Penny Smith. Early anchorwoman (as opposed to wankerwoman – that would be Emma Crosby, whose main talent seems to be putting a strand of hair prettily behind one ear) on GMTV, an early morning television show for busy working mums and benefits scroungers.

While the show is exactly what you would expect – shoddily put together news items on a five-minute loop, competitions where the conditions take five minutes to read out – ‘Now, back to the news’ – and, of course, the classic ‘We’ll be having an in-depth look at self-harm and suicide between 7.45 and 7.47’, there was one saving grace.

And that saving grace was the 6am to 7am ‘News Hour’, where Penny Smith and the highly respected John Stapleton off-of northern intellectual would try and sneak some intelligent news, interviews and comment in, all in a highly ITV kind of way, you understand.

Now, she’s been given the push. Emma Crosby hasn’t. As Karen Walker once said when told that alcoholics weren’t even allowed to drink beer, ‘crazy world’.

Jump the jump to see how the real professionals do Early Morning Ladies’ Television. And they have a picture of the towels…

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2 comments to “Pictoral evidence that the people running GMTV are retardenoids”

  1. I loves me some Penny.

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  2. Awww, at least Penny’s writing novels, so she won’t… hic… sob… disappear.

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