Who spilt their curry down The Queen?

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Now, she’s not a sloppy eater, our very Her Majesty. Little bird bites, she takes. Pushes her food round the plate sometimes (not like Princess Margaret who would wolf it down on purpose because etiquette demands that when the member of the Royal Family puts their knife and fork down, everyone else has to).

So which sloppy eater/waiter is responsible for this brown on HM? Who has had a dirty protest all over E2R? Hmmm? 

It is thought to be coffee and that’s what we’re going to pretend it is even if it isn’t.

Oh, and the bloke slobbering all over her? Ex-King Constantine off-of Greece. Summing to do with moussaka and ouzo.

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  1. You would be ABSOLUTELY GUTTED if you spilt your dinner down the Queen.

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