The little one has a glittering future ahead of him


This is a comedy (we’ll be the judge of that) gay safe sex video.

Gays have sex?

It stars Matthew Rush off-of gay porn and Brent Corrigan off-of gay porn and a large ecstasy pill off-of mashed up gay porn. In it, we learn that ‘nobody had sex with a banana,’ if you have a foreskin you need to pull it back before placing on a condom, lube should be water based, Brent Corrigan has quite good comedy timing and says, ‘Oh, coach!’ in the style of Mira ‘Oh, Ramone’ Sorvino in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, Matthew Rush looks like the scary ‘roid gay who lives next-door-but-one who grunts in the lift (it’s not the best lift) therefore we couldn’t find him attractive if we tried, and that monogamy leads to a life of no STIs. Not if you lie about it.

Here are your credits:

Matthew Rush as ‘Coach Ben D’Hover’.

Don’t get it.

Brent Corrigan as the ‘Mansfield Student’.

Don’t get it. 

Medical Consultant is ‘Dr C. R. Hardwood’.

Don’t get it.

Psychological Consultant is ‘Dr Ima Twist’.

Don’t get it.

Watch it, after the jump.

*puts the kettle on*

As for the uncensored version… here.

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  1. Brent’s a cutie! Think I’ll have to get hold of some of his films!

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  2. Head coach or who helped me pass my oral exams.

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