‘I’ll do anything. I’ll wear a diaper’

Don't cross this Rivers!

‘Why would you learn to cook?’ says Joanie ‘Joan’ Rivers, going through a huge filing cabinet of jokes from the past. ‘So your husband can say, “My wife makes a delicious cake” to a hooker?’

No, that’s not from one of our famous Joan Rivers dreams, it’s from an actual moving picture which has become the documentary moving picture we most can’t wait to see since Unzipped (that’s a complicated sentence, foreigners… did you get through it?)

It’s called a Piece of Work (as against a Piece of Cake, which is just as delicious but won’t give you so many lines you can try out in bars), it documents a year in the life of one of the greatest living (we assume she’s still living: she’s had so much done she might be a robot from the future) comediennes. Up there with Sandy Bernhard, Karen Walker and Su Pollard.

Preparing for shows, feeding her dog bacon, winding up in some no account town to do a gig (‘I’m going to say, “Where are the gays?” and they’ll be, “They’re dead. We killed them”‘) it’s a rollercoaster/big dipper ride of emotions.

Mostly good ones but we’re sure Joan would cry at some point if they’d left her tear ducts in.

Tell you what though… instead of us passing off all the best lines as our own, why don’t you see the trailer after the jump?…

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3 comments to “‘I’ll do anything. I’ll wear a diaper’”

  1. *laughing* “…robot from the future.” Very soon Joan and Dot Matrix will converge and become indistinguishable. Not that we’d really notice. Love her, though! Now, walk me around the pool…

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  2. We so cannot wait either.

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  3. Saw it at HotDocs in Toronto. Very well made and definitely worth seeing. Lots of clips of her doing stand up, but lots of insight in to her off stage too.

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