Bet you £127.50 that we can do a story about Andres Velencoso off-of Kylie Minogue without mentioning Kylie Minogue once.

Let's get you out of these wet clothes...

Look at this picture of Andres Velencoso off-of Kylie Minogue… No, closer. Even closer than that.

He has absolutely no cock in this picture. Which is rather a worry and tradge seeing as we know that he does indeed have a cock. So the fault must lie with the photographer and/or pants and/or magazine. Or Kylie Minogue.

This picture, for those taking notes, is from the latest L’Officiel Hommes.

*makes a note of that; rubs it out because the handwriting isn’t quite up to scratch; is relieved to be using a pencil otherwise there’s no way the handwriting could’ve been rubbed out; makes a note of that, taking more care this time*

Would you like another picture of this bloke after the jump? *asks mum*

Silky shiny skin.
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