True Blood is now officially Chariot’s Roman Spa

Go on, bum 'im...!

Only Chariot’s Roman Spa doesn’t have women. Ladies, yes. Women? Not the vaginal kind.

For those who are going, ‘Chariots? Spa? Roman? Wha? Cha? Ka? Khan?’ at this point, Chariot’s Roman Spa is a chain of saunas-cum-bath houses in Her Majesty’s United of Kingly Dom. Pun totally intended. A chain of saunas-cum-bath houses…? Well that’s just showing off.

Anyway, we stopped watching True Blood when we realised one episode was indistinguishable from the next and when the body/fat ratio was, whilst attractive to the eye and the asshole (‘Mum! Rude!’), forcing us to skip meals. Why, one day all we had was three packets of Extra Strong Mints. Minty fresh breath, yes. Regular toilet going, rather.

Any and a whore on poppers down Chariots, True Blood Season 3 hath begun in London’s glittering United States of America and buggery-bollocks would you Adam and Steve it? There’s a whole bunch o’ nudity. All of it utterly gratuitous. We know this because we just do.

There’s more evidence of this nudity after the break, including a back bottom shot of that bloke who used to be in Home and Away as well as a moving picture montage which includes gay-ness. Yum, gay-ness. We wouldn’t have any other ness.

Nice robe. Oh hello. Ditch the bird, then we'll talk.
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  1. Alexander Skarsgard is lucky that i’m a happily married man. that is all.

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