Gay? No, it’s DSquared, silly!


It’s the opposite of wearing something just because it has the right label: not wearing something just because it has the wrong label. It sounds all zen when you put it like that.

No, but seriously, although we love a boy’s bottom and a lady’s high-heel shoe (not necessarily on the same person, please take a note Miss Lady GaGa), we have come to the conclusion that the ‘D’ in DSquared must stand for ‘Dolly’. Because we have never seen the likes. Shocking it is.

The garment in question was a common-or-garden little polo, smart for town, all the right colour. And there right on the breast where everyone’s going to be looking a DSquared logo. Bold as brass, it was. Bolder even. Brassier even. Garment was returned to rail. We may be out and proud, but we’re not that out. No one is. Nor could they be, even scientifically speaking.

Now we like a joke as much as the next man. More even if that next man is Osama Bin Laden. But we still can’t bring ourselves to wear DSquared. Even though we do like the new Damien Hurst inspired ad campaign, showcased (get it? Oh, never mind) right here, right now.

And talking of gay brands, we did think it funny when a gay magazine stylist at a shoot we were at put a right old bit of straight rough in Aussiebum undies. And he was none the wiser!

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  1. I look fat in that foto. :-(

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